11 Ways To Get Out Of A Style Rut

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Are you stuck in a style rut?

After a year of being at home and only having different items of loungewear to choose from, we don’t blame you. It can be quite daunting to get dressed up after a year off, and you might even feel that your style has changed, or you’re looking at your new wardrobe with new eyes. And that’s ok!

Style ruts happen quite a lot, not just after global pandemics. They’re also quite common after big changes in our lives such as losing or gaining weight, having children, or simply getting older. That last one is the hardest to swallow, we think.

So if your wardrobe isn’t giving you joy anymore, or you really don’t know what to wear to your first dinner out in over a year, don’t despair. Don’t throw in the towel and accept a life of baggy and unflattering clothes just yet.

Here are a few little tips to help you get out of astyle rut, (pandemic-induced or otherwise) get your mojo back, and start enjoying getting dressed up again…

Have a clear out

It goes without saying, but if you’re looking at certain items in your wardrobe and not feeling them, then throw them out! We always encourage having a good clear-out several times a year, and this is the perfect opportunity!

Think about what fits and flatters

Following on from the previous point, try on some of your clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year, as you may find that they don’t fit you in quite the same way.

Most of us have put weight on over the various lockdowns, or you may be one of the many women who have welcomed a new addition to the family over the past year, which means that already-a-little-too-snug jacket definitely has to go.

However, where one door closes, another opens. In other words, there’s a whole new selection of clothes with your name on…

Style stalk

Celebrities aren’t just there to give us something to talk about during school pick-ups and brunches. Some of them are actually really great to seek style inspiration from, as they have a whole team of stylists on board to help them get it right every time.

We recommend finding your celebrity style muse and picking out some of their go-to outfits to invest in.

If you’re a new mum, see how new mum celebrities are dressing their new bodies. If you’ve just had a big milestone birthday that you’re not quite ready to accept, look at how a celebrity of a similar age has changed her style over the years. Celebs – they’re just like us!

Change your colour palette

If your existing wardrobe doesn’t make your heart sing and dance anymore, then it might have something to do with the colour palette.

Perhaps you were a sucker for the all-monochrome look pre-lockdown, but you’re now being drawn to colour. Or maybe it’s the other way round – you wouldn’t be the first person to love all things colour but then suddenly want to tone it down and go for subtle, neutral tones instead.

Take things slow and grab a few key pieces that will change up some of your go-to outfits, and see if you start to fall in love with fashion again.

Or change your prints and patterns

Are you a leopard print lover? Or are you a flirty femme who likes to have fun with florals? Maybe it’s time to finally switch things around and experiment with prints and patterns that are a little out of your comfort zone, to see if that reignites your love of fashion.

Another great trick is to break the rules, so to speak. Throw out your once-loved floral summer dress, and go for darker summer pieces instead. Navy is a great dark summer shade, especially when paired with lighter or bolder accessories. Winter florals are another big trend, so get a head start on your autumn/winter wardrobe and find some hardworking floral pieces that can be transformed for the colder months too.

There is no right or wrong way to do this – the end goal is to get you out of your style rut, so if it works, it works!

Finally get that new hair style

Now might be the best time to finally go for that fringe, or for you to take the plunge and get that blunt bob you were debating getting – and then chickening out of getting – for almost a decade.

Short hair doesn’t mean mum hair – some of the trendiest women from Scarlett Johansson to Anne Hathaway to Charlize Theron have rocked some super-short hairstyles over the years, and there’s definitely nothing mumsy or unstylish about them.

Play around with different accessories

In the spirit of making just a few changes, accessories might be the best place to start, as they’re so easy to mix and match.

The right accessory can instantly elevate a tired outfit – so experiment by adding a different scarf, a bold hat, or going for a different pair of shoes and see if that makes a difference.

Go for a make-under

Your smoky eye kit and false lashes were probably gathering dust over the past year, and now you’re getting used to your face without wearing as much make-up as you used to. We hear you!

Maybe you’re getting overwhelmed with the thought of getting dressed up and facing the real world because you don’t want to spend hours doing your hair and make-up any more.

That makes perfect sense, so now seems like the perfect time to experiment with the more natural ‘no make-up’ make-up look. Especially as the bare faced beauty look is more en-vogue than ever right now…

Have a “uniform” while you figure things out

Until you figure things out, stick with a strict “uniform” that you currently feel good in, and add and take away things as you rediscover your love for them.

For example, you may only feel comfortable in jeans and a tee. (It’s a staple outfit combination for a reason, after all.) Always start your outfit with this uniform, if you will, and change one little thing such as shoes or your jacket each time.

Pretty soon, you’ll get more adventurous and start adding different accompaniments, and then eventually swapping the tee for a blouse and the jeans for a floral maxi skirt. You’ll fall back in love with fashion in no time!

Get a new hero piece

Were those dark blue skinny jeans your absolute hero pieces for dressed down days – especially as they also came to the rescue for smart casual affairs when paired with a chic blazer? And are you now looking at them with a puzzled expression on your face, wondering why you loved and wore them so much?

Their time in the spotlight may be over, as it’s another pair of trousers’ time to shine. Swap your dark blue skinny jeans for a more figure-flattering straight leg pair of jeans in a more forgiving shade of black, and see if that changes things.

Now replace the example “skinny jeans” with any of the items you once regarded as your hero pieces, and start making some swaps.

Look for bargains and sales

Many women insist that they are stuck in a style rut because they simply don’t have the money to splash out on a new wardrobe. However, there are many ways to get around this.

The first step is to sell some of your old and unwanted clothes online or at car boot sales once they’re allowed to happen again. Then, look for bargains at the local charity shops as well as your favourite stores and boutiques.

Lastly, don’t think that you need a whole new wardrobe to change up your look. Invest in a few key staples, and slowly rebuild your wardrobe around those staples. You’ll have a ‘brand new wardrobe’full of versatile outfit combinations in no time!

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Have a great day!

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