STYLE TIPS – 13 Ways To Expertly Finish Off Your Look 

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Finishing off your look to high fashion editorial standards isn’t as daunting as it seems.

Additionally, getting a whole new look doesn’t always mean splashing the cash and getting a brand new wardrobe either. There are many hacks that can help you easily elevate your existing pieces with the things you already have in your closet, or at most, with the addition of just a few simple, yet hard-working pieces that can be used again and again.

From choosing the right accessories to changing up your current staples, here are some of our expert style tips to help you finish off your looks – regardless of the occasion – and polish them to perfection…

Add A Belt 

When in doubt, accessorise! And there’s no better or harder working accessory than a belt. There, we said it!

When added to a dress, a belt creates the ultimate finishing touch and instantly smartens up your look.

And when added to an oversized shirt or shirt dress for example, it will nip in the waist and create a whole new silhouette altogether by defining your shape, as well as creating the illusion of curves on straighter silhouettes, or accentuating what is already there.

Add The Third Layer 

Often referred to as the third layer rule, adding something such as a blazer, jacket, cardigan, or coat instantly transforms a simple top-and-bottom look.

Elevate a simple jeans and tee look with a sharp blazer. Or make a summer dress more wearable for the unpredictable temperatures by teaming it with a casual denim jacket.

Switch to a leather one for the evening or if you want to make the look just a fraction dressier.

Wear Or Tie Your Cardigans

Alternatively, we like pairing blouses or work shirts with cardigans to make the look more on the casual side of smart casual.

Another great tip is to tie the sleeves around your shoulders until you need it to keep you warm, just to keep things interesting.

Don’t Forget The Scarf 

Another accessory we can’t live without is a scarf.

A scarf is another way to play with the infamous third layer rule. Or if you add a blazer, then it technically becomes a fourth layer, which only adds to the structure and finesse of the outfit.

Adding a scarf not only adds another dimension to your look, but it also injects a pop of colour into it. A lot of the time, it may be the only part of the outfit you can change up and experiment with, so adding a fun scarf in a bold colour or even a daring print can really mix things up and provide different looks in an instant.

Wear A T-shirt Under Your Favourite Summer Dress

Another one of our favourite layering techniques is to layer casual T-shirts with summer dresses – or the 90s trend that is re-emerging and taking over the catwalks right now, slip dresses.

Thinking that we can wear a summer dress all day every day throughout the spring/summer season is very wishful thinking – especially if you live in almost-always-cold-or-raining Ireland. But instead of waiting for your next summer holiday abroad to wear your favourite strappy summer dress, why not add a simple T-shirt underneath? Fashion waits for no one, and we don’t want to wait for the next heatwave to wear our summer favourites!

Wear Trousers Under Summer Dresses 

Did you splash out on an investment summer dress for your non-existent 2020 beach holiday back in 2019? Don’t despair, as that beach dress or slightly see-through summer dress that would normally be reserved for holidays can still be worn in your day to day life. Yes, really! And it’s all thanks to a simple pair of trousers…

Similar to the above rule with layering a T-shirt with a strappy dress, we love the idea of layering a summer beach dress with a pair of trousers underneath, to take the look from the beach to the city.

Straight leg trousers underneath a billowing beach dress, teamed with some sneakers, will transform what was once a beach-only-look worn only a few times a year to something that can be worn again and again. Change up the footwear if you want something a little less casual.

Match The Small Things 

Match subtle parts of your outfit to show you’ve paid attention to every last detail. For example, match the colour of your scarf to your bag, or wear a shade of lipstick in the same shade as your waist belt.

And definitely make sure your fingernails match – or at the very least, complement – your toenails. These small changes make such a big difference, and will cement your status as a true style maven.

Mix And Match – And Don’t Be Afraid To Clash 

While matching is a great style tip, don’t be afraid to go the other way and clash.

An outfit that clashes with purpose is just as, if not more, attention-grabbing. So mix those what used to be contrasting shades, and definitely don’t hesitate about mixing your prints and patterns either!

Heels Make Everything More Glamorous 

One sure-fire way to take an outfit from day to night is to swap the sneakers for stilettos. Sometimes it really is that simple! 

Smooth And Wrinkle-Free Clothes 

Make sure everything from your shirt to your scarf is ironed. Although ironing can be time consuming, a crisp white shirt and a perfectly sleek silk scarf can make a world of difference to your look.

We like to iron in front of the TV, just to make it a little more bearable, although a good dry cleaning or ironing service can also be relied on if there aren’t enough hours in the day.

A Pop Of Colour On Your Face

And sometimes, the finishing touches aren’t down to the outfits at all…

Adding some colour to your cheeks by way of some blusher or bronzer can make such a difference – especially if you haven’t had the luxury of a summer holiday in the Mediterranean. Go the extra mile and add some strategically placed highlighter where the light would naturally hit you to give you that added glow!

Bold Lips 

While we’re on the subject of adding some colour to your face…

Change your go-to nude lip for a dramatic bold hue like red or bright pink – orange lipstick is having a huge moment right now – to turn heads in an instant!

Look After The Things You Do Have 

Love and cherish the things you do have, and you will always look like you’re wearing a brand new, perfectly polished outfit.

Why splash out on a new pair of heels when you can just buff and polish your existing pair? You can even take them to a professional to be re-soled and re-heeled, and they’ll be good as new – maybe even better! (A great tip is to actually have your shoes re-soled before their first outing, as it makes them last longer.)

Stuff your handbags with tissues and pillows when you’re not using them – and handbag liners when you are using them – so they keep their shape. Store them in dust bags, in your wardrobe, and away from direct sunlight. Throw them out if they begin to sag, or if the edges become frayed, as they could cheapen your whole look!

Keep your whites white by having them professionally cleaned, and when they start showing even the slightest hint of discolouration, replace them. A dull almost white shirt doesn’t scream polished perfection to us!

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Have a great day!

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