20 Life-Changing Style and Beauty Hacks Every Fashionista Should Know

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We always keep a scarf in our bag – a big one stuffed inside when it’s cold, or a cute silk one tied to the handle. But we bet a lot of people don’t know that it’s not just a style statement - or just because of the unpredictable weather – but for a far more interesting reason too. After being clumsy one too many times, it’s actually in case we have an accidental coffee spill and need something to cover it up. Genius right?

Here are some other incredibly helpful – sometimes even life-saving – hacks that we want to pass on…  

1. Clear nail polish or hairspray to prevent ladders.

The second you see a pesky hole in your tights, put some clear nail polish on it – that should instantly stop ladders from forming. Hairspray is also another option, although nail polish is easier to carry around with you. We never leave home without our clear polish! 

2. Emergency hats for unexpected rain.

Keep a hat in your bag or in the office for those unexpected showers to stop your hair from frizzing. You’ll be particularly grateful if you’ve had a fresh blow-dry the day before! 

3. Use hair straighteners to iron collars.

When you don’t have time to iron your shirt or blouse, or you don’t have an iron handy, go over it with your hair straighteners instead. Just make sure they’re clean and free of hair products, as they may transfer onto your crisp white blouse. 

4. Waterproof shoes with beeswax.

Canvas shoes can be easily waterproofed simply by rubbing them with beeswax and blasting them with a hairdryer. 

5. Stiletto caps for outdoor events.

No one likes walking on soggy grass in stilettos – not only does this cause some extremely ungracious walking, but it makes your heels absolutely filthy. Stop this from happening by wearing stiletto heel caps. 

6. A pencil will fix your zip.

If your zip is stuck, rub the teeth with the tip of a pencil, and the zip will be good as new! 

7. Jeans to remove deodorant stains.

We’ve all got dressed in such a hurry that our top is covered in white deodorant marks. Instead of frantically searching for baby wipes or a new top – which isn’t always an option – use your jeans to rub the marks off. Trust us, it works! 

8. Matching shoes and trousers for longer legs.

To make your legs appear longer, match the colour of your trousers to your shoes. This instantly creates the illusion of longer stems!  

9. Lemon juice for sweat stains.

Before you put your favourite white sweat-stained gym top in the washing machine, squeeze some lemon juice on the stain. This works even better than all those fancy stain removers! 

10. Baby powder for oil stains. 

Oil stains can be tricky to remove, but cover the stain in talcum powder, leave it overnight, and boom – the stain is gone. Deeper stains may require a quick wash, or another coating of powder. 

11. Baby powder as dry shampoo.

And speaking of baby powder, it can also be used as dry shampoo when your trusty bottle is unexpectedly empty. Or just to save space in your luggage. Simply sprinkle some onto your roots, leave for a few seconds, massage the scalp, and comb through. 

12. Vaseline as lip primer.

Save money on expensive lip primers, and rub Vaseline on your lips with a toothbrush before you apply your lipstick. 

13. Heat that eyelash curler.

Blast your eyelash curler with the hairdryer to make your curl stronger, and also last longer. 

14. Glue your eyes, not the lash.

Another eyelash hack. Most people will apply lash glue to the band of the false eyelash, which can be disastrous if placed in the wrong spot. Carefully using an eyeliner brush, line the area you wish to place the lash with the glue and then put your eyelash in its rightful spot. As the glue is in its correct spot, the lash has nowhere else to go other than the right place. Thank us later! 

15. Window cleaner for patent shoes.

Use your household window spray cleaner on your patent shoes to keep them as shiny as the first day you bought them. 

16. Use vodka and water to deodorise clothes.

Remove the smell from vintage clothes, or clothes that you aren’t able to wash but still want to wear, with vodka and water. Mix one part vodka with two parts water into a spray bottle, and give the clothes a gentle spritz. Celebrate with a shot of vodka afterwards. (The last step is optional, but encouraged…) 

17. Use vinegar to stop jeans fading.

Sometimes we just don’t want the faded jeans look. Stop your jeans from fading by adding 1/2 a cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse cycle in the washing machine. 

18. Repurpose broken bronzer.

Broken bronzer? Don’t despair. Mix your broken bronzer into a pot of moisturizer, and use it as an instant fake tan! 

19. Stretch your shoes with socks and hairdryer.

Break in or stretch a half-size-too-small pair of shoes by wearing a thick pair of socks, squeezing your feet in them, and blasting them with the hairdryer. 

20. Remove bobbles with a pumice stone.

Your favourite jumper isn’t doomed when it gets a bobble – gently rub the bobble with a pumice stone and the bobble will magically be disguised. 

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