3 of Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces For Autumn 2019


Accessories can make or break an outfit, so we know just how important it is to choose the right ones not only for your ensemble but for the occasion too.

However, we can always depend on jewellery to enhance an outfit. After all, a monochrome outfit with a sparkling piece of jewellery will never fail to make an impression! Jewellery has always been an outfit saviour, which is why we always keep our eyes peeled for new and exciting pieces to add to our collection, while mentally allocating which outfits we are going to pair them with.

Take a look at three of our favourite pieces of jewellery that have the power to complement as well as accentuate our autumn/winter outfits…  


This summer was all about gargantuan earrings in bold, vibrant hues. However, this autumn/winter season is about toning things down in the colour-palette department, and opting for deeper, richer, shades instead.

The Legacy Earrings are a must-have for so many reasons; but the biggest reason has to be their versatility. Not only can you wear them with virtually any autumn/winter outfit, but you can customise them too, making them ideal for all occasions. The Legacy Earrings can be customised four different ways, starting with one small stud; you can then add three more pieces to make them as long as you desire.

We love outfits that we can easily adapt to take us from day to night – and the same goes for jewellery too! Wear in stud form to accompany your chic up-do, and wear them at their longest length when your hair is down, so they can dance elegantly between your locks.  


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2. ioaku the dragonfly mini necklace

As well as going for a pop of colour by way of accessories such as scarves and handbags, for example, brightening things up with jewellery is another great way to go. And necklaces are one of our favourite ways to do this. They are usually the first pieces of jewellery that can be seen from afar, and have the power to work with your outfit too.

Although we do still try to inject as many autumnal colours into our wardrobes, sometimes we can’t help but be drawn to darker colours as we approach the winter. And that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with opting for all-black ensembles, especially as it means that we can have more fun with the accessorising. (Although who are we to judge if you want to continue your all-black theme and opt for colourless accessories too?) 

One of our staple autumn/winter outfit combinations has to be a chic polo-neck jumper, teamed with a bold necklace. The IOAKU Dragonfly Mini Necklace would look divine nestled in a black polo neck jumper; although it would work with any other colour palette too. A true trans-seasonal staple that can add a splash of glamour to all outfits. 

We also love the idea of keeping it in the office for post-work emergencies, as it would instantly spice up a dull blouse-and-blazer combo. A saviour if you want to grab after-work dinner or drinks and want to liven up your traditional office attire without the hassle of changing outfits!


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3. ioaku la fleur gold ring

Florals in autumn/winter? You’d better believe it! 

Winter florals continue to be on the rise, and that trend has extended into the accessories and jewellery sections too. Oversized statement jewellery has gone a lot further than earrings this season, and there is nothing more attention-grabbing than a fierce ring to add to your outfit to immediately bring the drama. The IOAKU La Fleur Gold Ring is one of our favourite rings right now. The design, the colour, the drama, the power – we love it all! 

This limited edition La Fleur Ring by Fanny Ek is a true fashion statement, but it also has another message to deliver too. The ring serves as a reminder to follow your potential to the fullest, as luck and success will follow. If that isn’t a good reason to add to cart, we don’t know what is… 


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Have a great day!

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