5 Big Benefits of Having a Capsule Wardrobe 

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Imagine having a morning routine that’s chaotic from 6am to 8.30am.

It doesn’t matter what time you rise and shine or how much preparation you’ve done the night before, the minutes race by in a haze of screaming children, partners running late and lost belongings. And consequently, you feel overwhelmed before your day has even begun.

Perhaps you don’t have to imagine this scenario because it’s pretty much real life for you. In this case, we hear you loud and clear.

Want to know how to make your morning routine a little more manageable? The secret to having more time for yourself and reducing pressure at the start of your day is having a capsule wardrobe.

Not convinced? Read on to find out 5 major benefits. 

1. It Saves You Time

Firstly, having a capsule wardrobe means that you don’t have to waste precious minutes stood staring at your clothes and wondering what on earth to wear every morning.

You already have limited options, so picking something out for work or running errands is a grab-and-go kind of job. And do you know what this means? You save time that you can dedicate to something else, or even yourself. 

2. It Reduces Stress

Having more time also means that you reduce the likelihood of feeling stressed from your morning routine throughout the rest of the day. It makes getting dressed super easy.

Why? Well, because you already know that all your clothes work together and fit well. You’ve done all the hard thinking beforehand which ultimately simplifies the “getting ready” process.

Moreover, as we outlined in a previous blog post, the average adult has to make 35,000 decisions a day. Therefore, it’s a relief not having to think any more than is absolutely necessary. 

3. It’s Cheaper

Additionally, having a capsule wardrobe saves you money. You have the ability to identify what your wardrobe really needs, without spending unnecessary cash on things that you might decide you don’t like at a later date or forget to wear for six months.

Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, having a capsule wardrobe brings with it less guilt when it comes to poor purchasing decisions, overspending and boredom buying.

Say goodbye to excess, and hello to a happier, uncomplicated life. 

4. It’s More Environmentally-Friendly

Did you know that 31kg of clothes are sent to the landfill every year? Sustainable fashion has never been more significant, and you can help the cause by reducing waste and choosing to consume and own less.

Having a capsule wardrobe shifts your focus on what you need rather than what you want, thus being kind to the environment in the process. Because of this, it has the feel-good factor. 

5. It Requires Less Space

Finally, being anti-fast fashion and pro-capsule wardrobe means that you have more space to play with at home.

There’s less clutter - and less laundry, as a result. Win-win.

In addition, owning less is just so liberating. It’s like the feeling you get after you’ve done your annual spring-cleaning in your home. And it’s kind of moreish. 

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Even though the idea of having a capsule wardrobe might be unnerving to start with, you can’t deny its benefits.

After all, if you had the choice, why wouldn’t you want to save time, stress, money, space and be kinder to the environment? Perhaps it’s time to join the slow fashion revolution.

Do you have a capsule wardrobe or would you consider it? Let us know in the comments. Also, check out our latest post on how to create one!  

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Have a great day!

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