5 Ways to Style Denim for Work


Wearing denim to work is similar to offering employees flexible work hour options: companies are starting to embrace it.

This, of course, is good news for fashion-minded women. Once deemed to be strictly casual wear, denim has risen through the ranks and become everyday workwear. Easy to wear and versatile, it is the kind of wardrobe staple that can take modern women from the workplace to after hours. Who wouldn’t appreciate that kind of sartorial flexibility?

Not to mention, with summer fast fading into autumn, denim is the perfect transitional weather staple women can wear to work. Denim has enough structure without looking stiff or weighing one down.

Wearing denim to work calls for proper styling, however, and this guide is meant to accomplish just that. Read ahead for five fresh ways to style denim for work. 

First things first: can you wear denim to work?

While companies are starting to embrace a more laid back office culture (workwear included!), it is still worth double-checking a few things before you start wearing denim to work. Here are a few points you can start with:

1. Make sure your company’s dress code allows it. Some companies allow smart casual outfits and some require entirely corporate workwear. Denim falls under casual workwear. Ultimately, you have to match your outfit to the dress code!

2. Similarly, if you wear uniforms to work, refrain from substituting denim pieces for it. That means you can’t switch out black skinny jeans for, say, company-issued black trousers.

3. Forego denim for formal events. These include but aren’t limited to corporate dinners or black-tie evenings that require formal attire.

Once you have a clear picture of when and where you can wear denim to the office, you can start planning how to style it. 

Choose tailored, work-friendly denim pieces.

There’s a ton of denim styles out there, so make sure the ones you select for work are appropriate for the workplace. A good rule of thumb is to steer clear of rugged cuts, outlandish silhouettes, or trendy frills. Always stick to traditional and flattering styles.

For bottoms, we love these high-waisted denim jeans from Garcia Geena. They come in a dark wash and a cut that doesn’t sag or flare out. Style them with classic pumps for work. 

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If black is the name of your game, these black Garcia Geena skinny jeans come with a sleek coated finish and a glove-like fit. Pair them with pointed leather boots for autumn!

Garcia Skinny Shelter Black Coated Jeans

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Dress up a one-and-done denim piece.

Not in the mood to mix and match? Wear a one-and-done denim piece to work! Slip into a denim dress in a flattering wrap style and finish the look with pointed pumps. Alternatively, a pair of tapered denim overalls styled with a white dress shirt and heels could work as your casual Friday look. Again, mind the cut and style of your denim piece--streamlined designs are key.

Ease into it with classic jeans.

Maybe denim overalls or dresses sound intimidating. If this is the case, go back to the basics. Ease into wearing denim to work with a pair of classic jeans. It’s the most common denim piece and is acceptable at many workplaces. You can style it with a crisp dress shirt or a modest sweater!

An option we’d love to pair with denim is the Coster Copenhagen python print shirt, which is a bold statement top that can go from work to evening time! 

Coster Copenhagen Blouse with Python Print

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Alternatively, stay cozy in the office with a fall-ready fluffy sweater like this one from Garcia Rosso.

Garcia Red Fluffy Sweater

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Layer up with sharp outerwear.

The plummeting temperatures mean we can break out the jackets and coats from the depths of our wardrobes. If you’ve always wanted to wear a denim jacket to the office, this is a good time to do it.

Here’s an outfit idea: slip your denim jacket over a fitted turtleneck and then throw on a sophisticated coat over your denim jacket. The layers of outerwear create a beautiful dimension that is work-appropriate!

This camel coat from Access Fashion should smarten up your denim jacket for work. 

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If your company’s dress code is more laidback, switch out the long coat with a cool suede jacket that can double as your going out winter look. This black Garcia suede jacket is sure to lend a chic-but-edgy finish for your casual Friday look!

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This outfit idea works best when layering different outerwear colors. Case in point: if you’re wearing a classic blue denim jacket to work, try styling it with black or beige outerwear.

Switch up work basics with denim alternatives.

Want a fresh but easy denim look for work? Shake up your workwear basics with denim alternatives. Instead of a white dress shirt, you can wear a denim button down with sleek trousers and a blazer. Finish the ensemble with chic mule heels. It’s the same tried-and-tested formula, but results in a different look. 

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