7 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season


Summer might be over for another year, but don’t despair.

With autumn just around the corner, there are lots of exciting things to look forward to.

Gone are the days where you’re constantly sweating, being forced to go to family BBQs and can’t bear to look at social media because of the amount of holiday envy.

Instead, it’s time to embrace cosy nights in reading a book by a crackling fire with the sweet scent of pumpkin in the air.

Sound good? Read on for more reasons why autumn is the best season. 

1. Captivating Colours

A stark contrast from summer’s greenery, autumn brings with it an array of rich, dark hues both outside our houses and inside our wardrobes.

We’re talking about those burnt oranges, mustard yellows and wine-like reds that look undeniably fabulous when fused together.

Put it this way: the heart-eyed emoji has never been more appropriate.

2. Cool, Crisp Mornings

There’s something so lovely about being able to step out of your house and breathe in the cool, fresh air of autumn.

It’s not hot, but not cold - and all you need is a light jacket or knitted jumper to be at the perfect temperature. Bliss. 

3. Cosy Fashion

With a new season of weather also comes a new season of clothing, which feels so invigorating when you’ve been wearing the same styles for months.

Instead of simple tops and short hemlines, us fashionistas get to be more creative with layering, thicker fabrics and complex designs.

Plus, who doesn’t love dressing in a snuggly knit for those darker, chillier nights?

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4. Hygge

Speaking of chillier nights, ever heard of Hygge? This Danish word is used to describe a feeling or moment where you feel cosy, content and comfortable, whether it’s alone or with your friends or partner.

To us, this means fluffy socks, a blanket, candles and watching a new film or TV show with a loved one by a crackling fire. What about you? 

5. Pumpkins Aplenty

One of the most vibrant and fun foods that only pops up once a year, autumn means that you can take advantage of the abundance of pumpkins about.

From making your own pumpkin soup to drinking so many Pumpkin Spice Lattes that you’re worried you might actually turn into a pumpkin, it’s hard to get enough of this versatile vegetable.

6. Sunday Roasts

Speaking of food, it seems that it’s socially acceptable to start cooking and eating roast dinners as soon as September rolls around. And we’re all for it.

After all, there’s something about the roasted meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy combination that just makes us feel so warm and joyful inside.

7. Special Events

Last but not least, one of the top reasons why autumn is the best season is thanks to its upcoming special events.

Whether it’s taking your kids trick-or-treating on Halloween or going to see the fireworks at your local park on Bonfire Night, you’re spoilt for excuses for spending time with loved ones during the autumnal months.

And then guess what? We’re on the countdown to Christmas. Hurray!

Autumn: A Season for All

The diversity of the autumnal season means that there’s something for all ages to enjoy.

Sure, we have to say goodbye to warm temperatures, but that’s okay. It’s time for a change.

And do you know what comes with change? A new beginning - and endless possibilities. 

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Have a great day!