FALL INTO AUTUMN – 10 Simple Yet Stylish Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Autumn

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As much as we love summer – or our version of summer – we are always excited when autumn finally arrives. With every new season comes the prospect of experimenting with a new wardrobe, and it’s actually very easy to transition from summer to autumn with just a few key pieces. The best news is that the start of autumn often means that we can still wear the majority of the pieces we have been wearing over the summer, with just a few little tweaks and additions to accommodate for the slight change in weather.

Here are just a few ways to transition your fun summer wardrobe into a sleek autumnal wardrobe…

Layer, layer, layer 

As you’ll come to discover by the time you’ve finished reading this post, layers are the key to making your summer pieces last longer, and giving your wardrobe a new lease of autumnal life.

Whether you layer with cardigans, jackets, scarves, tights, or all of the above, you’ll be able to make your spring/summer pieces last for months after their expiration date.

Garcia Wild Flower Scarf 

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Change up your footwear 

Simply changing your footwear can instantly transform a summer look into a more autumnal one. Swap your summer wedges and sandals for ankle boots and knee high/over the knee boots, and instantly take your favourite pieces from summer to autumn.

If you’ve decided that you’re not quite ready for boots yet, simply swap your open toed shoes for closed toe shoes such as loafers or ballerina flats, and for fancier occasions, swap the open toed stilettos for pointy heeled pumps.

Layer with a cardigan 

We know your favourite summer dress didn’t get nearly enough wear as it should have done this summer, and simply adding a cardigan in a complementary shade will make it autumn-ready in a flash.

Swap the brights for darker colours 

An alternative to wearing your summer dress with a cardigan in a complementary hue – as above – is to mix it up and play around with colours. Why don’t you choose a colour that still matches but is in a slightly darker and more autumn-ready shade?

You can never go wrong with black, and we always like to invest in a few new black cardigans such as this Garcia black v-neck cardigan every autumn for this exact reason.

Garcia Black V-neck Cardigan

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Choose summer pieces in autumn colours

Who said you can’t wear a dress in the autumn? Women’s summer dresses are great, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with autumn dresses too. This Garcia black midi dress is wonderful to wear in the autumn. No need to wear with a cardigan or jacket just yet, as it comes with autumn-ready three-quarter-length sleeves. We love the midi length too, as it can be teamed with knee high boots, as well as the classic tights and ankle boots combo that we are always obsessed with in the autumn.

The goes-with-everything colour also means it can be dressed up with scarves of all different prints, patterns, and colours, so you can get tens if not hundreds of different outfit combinations just from one piece.

Garcia Black Midi Dress

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Wear those autumn staples in bright, summer colours 

Forget everything we just told you, and go for the complete opposite. We love the idea of wearing heavier pieces that are going to keep out the chill such as oversized cardigans and jumpers in brighter colours that were once reserved for the spring/summer. 

A bright jumper or cardigan such as this Garcia pink knit is really going to cheer us up and give us some much needed brightness when the days are getting shorter.

Garcia Pink Knit

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Embrace those autumn prints 

There are summer prints, and then there are autumn prints – so make the most of autumn and all the wonderful prints and colours it brings with it!

If you want an autumn dress that does all the hard work for you, then we recommend investing in a piece that comes in a gorgeous autumn-ready print and colour combination. The Garcia black ecovero dress with an allover print is going to be one of our most hardworking pieces this autumn, as it’s bold, elegant, and very flattering thanks to the loose belt that accentuates the waist naturally. We told you it did all the hard work for you, as you don’t even have to add an extra belt to get that cinched in waist look. (You can of course, add your own belt to give the waist even more definition, or to add a pop of colour or additional texture.)

Garcia Black EcoVero Dress with Allover Print

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Spice up your workwear 

Workwear was quite fun this past spring/summer season, wasn’t it? Suits came in pretty pastel hues as well as bright, bold, even fluorescent colours, which made going back to the office very exciting. We often accessorised the aforementioned suits with white or cream coloured shirts and blouses, to give them the attention they deserved. But for autumn, we think it could be just as fun to turn things around and make the look all about the shirt!

Make a traditional grey, black, or navy coloured suit more fun by adding a printed blouse or shirt underneath. This Garcia allover floral design blouse is the perfect piece to jazz up your officewear, as it’s smart, chic, and contains all of our favourite autumnal colours in one place.

Garcia Allover Floral Design Blouse 

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Make the most of that gorgeous autumnal colour palette 

When we think of autumn, we think of leaves browning, pumpkin spiced lattes, and the countdown to Halloween – and all of these come with a deep orange colour palette. We love the rich colours that autumn brings with it, and this Garcia dark orange wrap dress is essentially the epitome of the autumn season.

The burnt orange/ochre colour is totally en-vogue right now, and this dress is the perfect piece to enable you to wear colour without looking too summery. Plus, the rib effect of the fabric means it is warmer than the dresses we’ve been wearing over the past few months. We would wear with a black biker jacket and ankle boots to toughen the look up, or with an oversized faux fur coat for a much more dramatic aesthetic. So many choices!

Garcia Dark Orange Wrap Dress

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And when in doubt – accessorise! A philosophy we always like to live by, and one which will make transforming from summer to autumn an absolute breeze!

Add a statement necklace to a trusty autumn dress from last year to breathe new life into it, or swap your trusty bright waist belt that you wore with all your favourite summer maxi dresses for a more toned down one in brown or black. The options are endless when it comes to the exciting new looks you can achieve with the right accessories!

IOAKU Gold / Amber Iconic Zen Necklace

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Vimoda Brown Belt with Oval Buckle 

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Will you be trying out any of these styling tips over the next few weeks? 

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Have a great day!

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