How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe Part 3: Adding in Accents

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Already had a clear out, got a designated space for your capsule wardrobe and picked out some key pieces? Excellent - you’re now ready to add in your accents.

Just to recap: your key pieces should consist of neutral tones like black, white, beige, navy and grey that you can mix, match and reuse.

Therefore, your accents should be used to inject personality into your capsule wardrobe. What do these consist of, you ask? Well, allow us to break it down for you. 

1. Colours

Firstly, colours are a great way to add a unique, seasonal touch to your capsule wardrobe.

Is it autumn or winter? Consider a darker and richer colour palette for your accent pieces, such as forest green, rust orange, plum and burgundy red. Alternatively, for the spring or summer months, pastels and bright shades like sunshine yellow, coral pink and tangerine orange can help your accents to pop against a blue sky.

You can also use accent colours to reflect your mood, like red if you’re feeling fiery and passionate or blue if you’re calm and chilled, so be sure to choose wisely!

2. Patterns

Good news for print lovers - patterns are 100% allowed into your capsule wardrobe. If you like loud and proud pieces, go ahead and pick out a few that you can enjoy for the three months to come.

Whether you tone this type of accent down with your neutral key pieces or let it take centre stage, patterns are a surefire way of making a statement with your looks.

Struggling to decide which prints make it into your capsule wardrobe and which prints don’t? A plaid shirt is a stylish staple when tucked into high-waisted jeans and paired with chunky trainers.

Alternatively, a pretty floral printed dress is a must-have for spring or summer if you like to project fun femininity.  

3. Favourite Pieces

Finally, do you know those pieces that you have in your old wardrobe that you constantly wear, love and insist that you can’t live without? Well, good news - nobody is saying that you have to abandon them!

Feel free to pick out a few of your current favourites and use them as accents to add individuality to your outfits.

For instance, maybe you have a love affair with your blue shift dress that can be styled differently for various occasions. Or perhaps you constantly wear a leopard print skirt for work that you don’t want to have to leave behind.

You may have even spotted several seasonal items that you can’t wait to introduce to your capsule wardrobe.

Either way, your capsule wardrobe is yours alone and it’s up to you to decide which accent pieces fit in best with your personal style. 

Accenting Your Way to Success: It’s a Numbers Game

Even though it can be easy to get carried away with accenting, try to remember the golden rule: less is more!

Use your key pieces as the basis of your capsule wardrobe and then insert accents as a way to show fellow fashionistas what you’re made of.

You’ve got this.

Once you’ve chosen your accents, you can move onto the next stage of creating a capsule wardrobe. “Part 4: Coordinating Shoes and Handbags” will be coming soon! Are you up to date? How are you finding the process so far? Let us know! 

Have a great day!

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