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We know that many people have enjoyed the perks of working from home these past few months, so investing in some fun, stylish (and of course, professional) new workwear might make going into the office – whenever that may be – just that little bit more bearable.

But if you’re looking for plain, dark, monochrome officewear, then you’ve come to the wrong place; as today we’re here to talk about exciting pieces that are going to put a smile on your face as you adjust to the new, new normal.

Here are just a few dazzling pieces that would be great to add to your capsule workwear wardrobe…  

Add a splash of colour!

Whoever said officewear had to be dark and understated clearly didn’t see these Coster Copenhagen trousers.

The fun wardrobe doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve returned to the office. Au contraire, these hot pink trousers will inject some much-needed colour into your workwear wardrobe. Paired with a sleek white blouse, the matching pink blazer, and some barely-there heels – although white loafers would also work well – they are summer workwear perfection!  

Coster Copenhagen pink trousers

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Yes, you can still wear elasticated trousers

After months of wearing nothing but pyjama bottoms and loungewear, we couldn’t be more excited to find that something so chic comes with an elasticated waist. We love how sharp these Grace & Mila trousers look – and we’re putting it down to the oh-so-chic tortoiseshell buttons! They’re great for more casual affairs too, but with a crisp shirt tucked inside, they’re perfect for your gradual return to the office.

PS – these trousers promise to enhance your shape (yes, really!) and thanks to the elasticated waist and super-flattering pleats, are perfect for anyone who has eaten their weight in banana bread on a daily basis during lockdown. I.e. us…  

Grace & Mila grey pleated trousers

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Keep cool during the summer

This Coster Copenhagen crème suit blazer is just what the sartorial doctor ordered for the spring/summer season. We love that you can dress it up or down, and think it’s especially great to wear with some cool linen trousers or your trusty skinny jeans.

Paired with some dark, skinny jeans, this blazer is smart enough for a fleeting visit to the office, as you will still look professional, while still remaining cool and comfortable just in case the AC isn’t working at full capacity.

It’s also great to pack in your suitcase for work trips and city breaks, as it instantly smartens up a jeans and tee or maxi skirt and tee ensemble without you having to pack a completely different outfit. After all, space is precious when packing your suitcase – even more so if you’re only packing a carry-on…  

Coster Copenhagen creme suit jacket 

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Did someone say animal print?

Although you probably can’t wear your unicorn pyjamas into the office (if your office does allow it, please let us know in the comments. Asking for a friend…) you can definitely still wear some interesting and zany prints. This Garcia zebra print blazer has been on our wishlist for a while now, as it has the capability to instantly jazz up an otherwise boring work ensemble. Plus, the relaxed silhouette is perfect for this time of year – not only for the spring/summer season, but for returning to an office that might not be as formal as it once was.

During the summer, this would look wonderful with white or black trousers – or skirts – or if you’re brave enough, with the matching shorts. If you want to take things one step further, do away with the monochrome and team with a bold-hued blouse inside. Wear as you dare!  

Garcia zebra print blazer

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Bright, feminine, figure-flattering

Workwear goes beyond a pantsuit or skirt suit – and this Access Fashion pleated dress is just one of many examples. You can have so much fun with your work wardrobe, especially in the summer, as you can play around with colours, prints, and silhouettes, and not necessarily have to worry about incorporating blazers and coats into the outfit.

In case it wasn’t obvious, we are utterly obsessed with this Access Fashion dress; so much so that we will leap out of bed in the morning in our excitement to wear it. Perfect for those who are easing themselves back into the office with half days, as it’s fun and versatile enough for a morning at the office, and an afternoon of shopping/socially distanced catch ups with friends.  

Access Fashion orange pleated dress

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Have a great day!

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