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By far our most popular dress of the week and as you are all loving this dress I wanted to give you more ideas of how to style it.

As I always say measure cost per wear and invest in pieces that you can wear and love all year round.

So when are you going to wear this dress?

✓ At work
✓ At lunch with girlfriends
✓ On Date Nights 
✓ Beach walks and on holiday
✓ When shopping 
✓ Neighbourhood BBQs
✓ Walking your dog
✓ If you ask me - even when going bowling 

Really one dress so many different times?

Yes just swap sandals for boots or white pumps.

Add our black biker jacket or your favourite leather jacket.

Throw on your favourite knit and pull out the shirt collar

Or my favourite alternative is open with jeans as a Kimono - ohhh very sophisticated.

Let me know if you love to wear your dresses in more than one way?

Available in Sizes S - XL, Elasticated waist and removable tie belt . €69.99

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Have a great day!

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