Save Money AND Space With These Simple Style Hacks

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Spring cleaning your wardrobe can be quite disheartening when you realise that the faux fur teddy you absolutely had to have last autumn has been taking up space in your wardrobe without so much as one single outing. Not only is it a waste of valuable wardrobe space, but let’s face it, it was a waste of money too. Money that could have been spent on a staple item such as a brand new work blouse, or put towards something more exciting such as a holiday.

We’re all guilty of this, so we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide of simple style hacks to stop such mishaps from happening in the future…  

When shopping, plan the outfit in your head

Shopping without purpose can be dangerous. So, when you see a skirt that you are in love with, think about what you will pair it with before throwing it into your basket.

It’s a keeper if you say something along the lines of, “this will look great with my white top, that black shirt, and even that blouse and jacket combo, or with those shoes or boots I wear all the time”. If it’s a, “I love this, let’s see if I can find something to wear it with next time”, then put it back where it belongs. I.e. on the rack, and most definitely not in your basket.  

Think about price per wear

We believe in sustainable fashion, and having a capsule wardrobe of staple items that can be worn again and again, sometimes even through every single season if accessorised correctly. This therefore means that a lot of our pieces come with higher price tags than those in high street stores and fast fashion online boutiques. However, when we take price per wear into consideration, it turns out that we are actually saving a lot more money than those who shop for new, lower priced and lower quality items on a more regular basis. Not to mention the space we are saving in our wardrobes…

A high quality pair of leather boots, for example, may set us back €300 initially, but they will see us through the whole autumn/winter season for quite a few years to come. If we wear them just ten times in one month for three months they will cost just €10 per wear. If we bought a cheaper pair for €50, for example, and also bought them in several other colours, each pair would only be worn a few times, making them a lot more expensive per wear. And keeping all those pairs of boots in our wardrobe will do nothing for space saving!

Remember, €300 worn just 30 times is just €10 per wear. €50 worn just 5 times works out the same; and we know which one we would rather choose…  

Have a higher top to bottom ratio

We all know that jeans go with absolutely everything, which is why we can have one pair of jeans and about 20 different tops we can pair with them. This doesn’t just go for jeans, as most bottoms can be paired with an abundance of different tops to create various outfits, which will save space and money in the long run. We seem to remember this rule when packing for holidays to save room in our suitcase, but aren’t always as willing to apply it to our everyday lives.

As the eye is instantly drawn to the top half of an outfit, it makes sense to have at least five different tops for every one bottom you own in order to create different looks. A leather midi skirt, for example, could be dressed up with a chic black blouse, dressed down with a sassy slogan tee, and spruced up with a splash of colour by way of a bright pink shirt. And we haven’t even mentioned how it can be styled for your next ladies night out...  

It’s all in the details!

Luckily, accessories take up the least amount of space in your wardrobe or dressing room, which means you can afford to have a wider selection of these to complement your outfits. And since costume jewellery is always going to be on trend, you can afford to spend a little extra on stocking up on all the earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets you desire.

Higher end accessories shouldn’t be overlooked either, as a chic oversized designer handbag can really elevate your professional businesswoman attire. Just as that super sparkly clutch bag can turn your office-to-cocktail-party look from drab to fab.

In other words, it’s perfectly okay to save money and wardrobe space by recycling the same faithful outfit combos, and mixing things up with some space saving and money saving accessories. And remember, when worn a lot, that designer handbag might just become the most affordable thing in your entire wardrobe. Repeat after us – price per wear, price per wear!  

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Have a great day!