Spring Wardrobe, Winter Weather – How To Wear Spring Clothes When It’s Still Cold Outside 

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The calendar may say that spring has officially sprung, but the weather doesn’t seem to agree. We think anyone living in the ROI can definitely relate…

We love nothing more than dressing for the spring season after months of bundling up in all our autumn/winter layers, so we’re determined not to let a little thing like cold, wind, and dare we even say rain, get in our way!

How To Dress For Spring When It’s Cold

Here are a few tips for dressing for the spring season when you live in a cold country with unpredictable weather…

Ease Yourself In One Piece At A Time

Test the waters by adding one spring piece to your ensemble, and then gradually including more items as the season goes on. Swap your black belt for a lighter-coloured one, choose a white winter coat over your navy blue one, or just go for a pair of trousers in a lighter fabric. There are so many things to try!

Layers Are Your Friends

Layers kept us warm during the winter, and layers are also going to help us when it comes to transitioning from winter to spring – especially while the weather is so unreliable.

How To Layer For Spring

Layer a thin sweater underneath a cute spring dress, or wear a crisp spring blouse with an extra layer on top, such as a sweater vest (very en-vogue right now if you paid attention to the Autumn/Winter 2021 catwalks) or a pullover.

Swap Your Heavy Coat For A Lighter Jacket

And don’t forget the most important layer of all – the outside layer!

Now is a great time to slowly phase out your heavy winter coat. Choose a lighter mac if you’re not quite ready to go for a shorter length, or skip the middle step and go straight to more cropped styles. If going for the latter, remember to layer up with an extra cardigan or jumper, and carry a scarf with you for extra warmth.

Denim or Leather Jackets For Spring

You can wear some of your favourite springtime dresses a lot earlier than planned if you team them with a cute spring jacket, such as a denim jacket or a leather jacket.

The Best Jackets For Spring

You can even sharpen up smarter dresses for the office (if it ever re-opens)or another place requiring a fancier dress code by adding a chic blazer and an oversized scarf!

Scarves Are So Important

If you hadn’t already guessed, scarves are very important when it comes to making that winter to spring transition.

Scarves are perfect for carrying with you in case of an accidental downpour, or if the weather gets a lot colder after you’ve optimistically left your house in a spring dress. But they’re also great for adding just a little pop of colour to an otherwise dark and wintry outfit, which can instantly elevate it and transform it for the new season.

We recommend going for light, neutral, and even pastel colours – but also wouldn’t say no to something vibrant with a bold floral print to really change things up and put a smile on our faces!

Add Tights To Everything

Buy that spring/summer dress now, as you can wear it many different ways by the time the summer is over.

How To Style Dresses With Tights

For now, wear it with a black or nude pair of tights – depending on its colour palette – alongside some cute ankle boots. And when the weather finally starts to catch up, ditch the tights and boots and go for bare legs and sneakers, mules, or smart loafers, and gradually upgrade to sandals when the sun really starts to come out!

The bonus is that you can wear the outfit in many different ways for maximum versatility and zero boredom. Win, win!

Smart Footwear Swaps

As we mentioned above, footwear is really important when it comes to dressing for spring in colder temperatures. It may still be too early for open toed shoes, but you can still get another few months’ use out of your trusty autumn/winter boots by pairing them with spring-ready pieces.

Light Colour Boots For Spring

The colour is also going to be important here. Your black autumn/winter boots might be a bit harsh for your new springtime colour palette full of pretty pastels, so we recommend investing in a lighter coloured pair of ankle boots such as nude or light grey for an instant spring update.

Spring Colour Swaps

Speaking of colour, it’s still possible to wrap up in cosy knits that will keep you warm while paying a subtle nod to the new spring season. Put the deeper and darker pieces at the back of the wardrobe, and instead, replace them with items in lighter hues.

Pastel Pieces For Spring

A pastel business suit with a cream-coloured turtle-neck jumper underneath still screams spring, as does a long-sleeved dress teamed with a light coloured jacket and lighter accessories.

Spring Prints And Patterns

Just like our earlier advice about keeping some of your autumn/winter favourites but going for lighter colours, choosing heavier pieces in more spring-ready prints is a great first step for transitioning into the new season.

Spring Floral Print

Leopard print, for example, is a much more wintery print, but something with a floral pattern is instantly going to make an outfit seem more spring-like – even if it is a chunky roll neck jumper!

Swap Dark Jeans For Light Jeans

Jeans offer the same amount of warmth regardless of their colour, so spring is a great time to swap out the dark jeans for lighter alternatives. Your trusty black jeans can have a few months off, while white or acid wash jeans (also a huge A/W21 trend by the way!) can finally have some time in the spotlight.

Spring Maxi Dresses

Now is the time to start building your spring/summer capsule wardrobe – and the best place to start is with a few midi and maxi dresses. Going for longer lengths at the start of the new season will definitely accommodate the colder and more unpredictable weather. You can even add an extra layer of warmth by wearing a pair of tights underneath a maxi dress or maxi skirt, and no one will know unless you tell them!

Don’t forget our earlier tip about layering, and make sure you have a jacket and scarf to hand if you need another layer to combat the cold.

Keep A Waterproof Jacket Close

April showers are not a myth!

If you buy a rain coat or a waterproof jacket in a versatile or neutral hue, the chances are that it will go with all of your outfits, so take it with you at all times. No one wants to be caught out in the rain after a fresh blow dry or when wearing a white blouse!

If you need more help with dressing for spring, i.e. the most sartorially confusing season of all, check out our previous post here.

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