What The Heck Should We Wear In Spring? – I.e. The Most Sartorially Confusing Season Of All

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Although spring means the end of bitter winter temperatures, the start of daylight saving, and more Easter eggs than we care to admit we buy and eat, we don’t actually look forward to the start of the season. We hate to say it, but spring is our least favourite season because understanding the ins and outs of quantum physics is probably easier than finding the right thing to wear every day. Especially in the first few months…

If we wake up with a ray of sunshine poking through the curtains, then we get excited to banish the boots and get the pumps or maybe even sandals out; only to find ourselves stuck in a torrential downpour on the way to lunch, or shivering on the train home because we’re only wearing a light jacket.

We’ve all been there, so how can we solve the eternal dilemma of knowing what to wear during the most sartorially confusing season of them all?  


The most important lesson is to understand and nail the art of layering. Layering is what is going to help you during those confusing ‘hot morning/cold afternoon’ and even ‘freezing cold morning but uncomfortably warm afternoon when you’re wearing a turtle neck’ situations.

So here are a few must have wardrobe staples to help you layer in style, and finally overcome the springtime sartorial dilemma…  

A leather jacket

Regardless of what the calendar says, the first official day of spring is understandably not much different to the last official day of winter, so we recommend sticking with the oversized coats and scarves until the sun makes an appearance. We all know when that day comes – there’s just something about it that signals the start of springtime! Once we can feel the start of the new season, we can bravely start experimenting with different coats.

A leather jacket is naturally the best choice, as it is heavy, and if bought one size bigger or is an oversized fit, can accommodate a jumper and other layers underneath. Add a bulky scarf or snood, which can easily be taken off and stuffed in a bag if not needed throughout the warmer parts of the day. Which brings us onto our next point…   

An oversized bag

Small crossbodies and all other dainty bags should only come out when we get a little bit more confident with the weather. When confidence turns to cockiness, almost. Until then, large totes should be the bags of choice, as they can carry an abundance of emergency supplies as and when we need them.

If the weather starts out warm, we suggest packing a scarf, an umbrella, a warm cardigan, and even a pair of socks if you’re braving ballerina flats in your bag. Other emergency supplies such as tights, nail polish (see our style hacks piece if the latter doesn’t make any sense to you) and a hat in case you get rained on and have frizzy hair, are also good ideas. The more you can fit in, the better!

Naturally, this rule works the other way round too. We’re guilty of dressing for the arctic in the morning only to overheat in the office a few hours later, so we need an empty bag that can hide and transport our extra layers from the morning. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  

Waterproof essentials

They don’t call them April showers for nothing! Anticipating a potential downpour shouldn’t stop us from dressing well, so there are just a few key things to be aware of when rain could happen at any moment.

Waterproof shoes such as ankle boots or loafers are great for unpredictable weather, as they can withstand a bit of rain until you find an emergency taxi to come to the rescue. Most shoes can actually be waterproofed with sprays such as Collonil Carbon Pro – which can also be used on most handbags too – so your shoes don’t have to be specifically labelled as waterproof, which opens up your shoe selection quite significantly. We always feel like spring has sprung when our shoes come in lighter shades, so it’s perfectly acceptable to grab a pastel-hued loafer if you know it will be safe from the rain.

Waterproof coats and jackets are inevitably going to be our number one choice, but light macs and windbreakers can also be worn for warmer temperatures if you’re armed with an umbrella, and you know that you won’t be stuck in the rain for long.  

More layering

In conclusion, layering is the way to nail springtime style. Yes, you can and should still reach for that staple floral dress you break out every springtime, even at the very start of the season. As long as you’re prepared to wear it with tights, ankle boots, a leather jacket, and an enormous scarf when you leave the house, and accept that you will probably come home with an entirely different outfit at the end of the day.

Wear the same dress with loafers, ballerina flats, mules and even gladiator sandals as the weather improves, with denim jackets, light cardigans and maybe even that crossbody bag in those lead-up-to-summer days.

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Have a great day!