What To Wear To… The Moon!


The clocks have gone back and the long evenings are nothing but a distant memory. So, nobody can really blame us when we say we’re dreaming of sunnier climates and far off places. While that statement usually means frantically searching for a last minute trip to Dubai or any other location that promises some sunshine, we’ve got other ideas this time around. Where on Earth could we be talking about? How about not Earth at all?

Okay, hear us out. Perhaps we’ve had one too many Strepsils and are getting a little bit delirious. Or perhaps we’re onto something exciting and magical. Either way, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have a little bit of fun and dream about a last-minute vacation to the moon!

Two things have inspired us take an interplanetary trip. Three if we think about the new Star Wars movie which is released next month. First, the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette, which is making history as we speak; but more on this later. And second, Richard Branson’s dream to travel to the moon, which is becoming more of a reality as the days go on.

Next year, Richard Branson is hoping to make history and take Virgin Galactic’s first ever passengers on a suborbital flight. And that got us thinking – we could actually very possibly leave our Earthly troubles behind in the not-so-distant future and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. And we know we aren’t the only ones to think the inevitable, most important question of all:
what are we going to wear?  

A Warm Jumper

Did you know that the moon has very extreme temperatures? Reaching 100 degrees Celsius in the daytime, and at night known to reach minus 173 degrees Celsius. (We don’t think we will ever complain of being cold again!) So it’s safe to say that we are going to need to pack to accommodate for all temperatures. Let’s start with tackling the cold. This white collar Garcia cable knit sweater does an excellent job of keeping out the chill on our home planet, so we definitely think it is up to the challenge of keeping us warm on the moon. And the moon-reminiscent white colour? Just an added bonus to help us pay tribute to our new destination! 

White High Collar Garcia Sweater, €69.99

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A Practical Bag

We want to explore every surface of the moon, which means that we will be on the go a lot. This means carrying all of our essentials – such as a camera, notebook, space snacks, additional clothing etc – in a stylish yet practical bag. And this Shona Easton black Dieppe tote shoulder bag couldn’t be more suitable! It is ultra-lightweight, which is what we want for a full day of exploring. It’s also roomy enough for our essentials and the odd souvenir – after all, we wouldn’t want to come back home empty handed – and comfortable enough for us to go hands free as we explore our surroundings. And best of all, it’s versatile enough to go with any outfit we may decide to pack, and will also go with all of our other ensembles when we return back to Earth too. 

Shona Easton Black Dieppe Tote Shoulder Bag, €140.00

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Dark, Smart, Comfortable Trousers

We want to be smart yet comfortable for our first lunar adventure, so it’s crucial that we find the right pair of trousers. Luckily, we needn’t look any further than the new Coster Copenhagen pants. The colour means that they will go with absolutely everything, and also won’t show any dirt which may get on them. The stretchy trousers even feature two front pockets, which will definitely come in handy when exploring. And when we come back home, they will go with an abundance of other outfits too, such as high neck sweaters, blouses, and chic blazers. Hard-working, versatile trousers are just what every wardrobe needs! 

Coster Copenhagen pants in jacquard w. lurex, €149.00

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A Cool T-Shirt

For the daytime, when temperatures are going to reach their absolute highest, only short-sleeved T-shirts in cool fabrics and light colours will do. This yellow Garcia T-shirt is perfect, and can be paired with any bottoms that are going to keep us cool throughout the day. And back home, it’s one of those pieces that can work with virtually anything! Tucked into our favourite pair of jeans with a chic blazer on top for that must-have smart-casual aesthetic is a good way to go!

Yellow Garcia T-shirt, €35.99

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We are going to need some serious bling to make us feel feminine and elegant under that astronaut helmet, and we think these IOAKU Elipse earrings are the perfect piece of jewellery to jazz up any spacesuit. They are very fitting for our adventure and destination as they were “inspired from the shape of an ellipse and the magic of our universe.” See – it was meant to be!

IOAKU Elipse Earrings In Gold White,  €23.00 (down from €55.00)

Space-inspired Make-up

And last but not least, no extra-terrestrial adventure would be complete without the space-inspired make-up palette the world has not stopped talking about since its launch (geddit?) earlier this month. We are of course talking about the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette. Featuring 18 unforgettable shadows in four mesmerising, mind-blowing textures (creamy mattes, dazzling glitters, ultra-shiny metallics and multi-reflective shadows) the looks we can achieve are virtually endless.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette, £58

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Wearing red heels seems only fitting to fly with Virgin. Granted it may turn out not to be our most practical choice but sometimes it’s okay to be a little obsessed with shoes….

Moon – we’re ready for you! 

Have a great day!