IOAKU is an award – winning jewellery and accessory brand founded in Sweden in 2012.

Each IOAKU piece has its highly unmistakable personal touch of passion for art, design and craftsmanship. It is sophisticated elegance, expressed with a unique style, in a look that echoes both the past and the future.

Dare to dream The name of IOAKU – pronounced “I oak you”, was born from the designer’s longing to create art whom people should wear.

IOAKU aspires to encourage each IOAKU carrier around the world to live the life they wish for, dare to dream and endorse causes that can make our world a better as a well as a positive place.

Each collection creates the look for dynamic people who want to achieve complete self-esteem, assertiveness and a supernatural fashionable charisma.

Feminine and Grace. All IOAKU jewellery are created in alloy with three layers of 18k gold / silver / rhodium / rosegold plating for optimum durability. Nickel, Lead and Cadmium free. Eco Friendly Production. Consciously Crafted with Love

Consciously Crafted with Love