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5 Ways To Style Your Biker Jacket This Spring

by Emma L on Feb 28, 2022

5 Ways To Style Your Biker Jacket This Spring
Spring is just around the corner (we'd be lying if we said we weren’t counting down the days) which means we can finally bid adieu to our bulkier winter staples in favour of lighter and more spring-ready ones. While being mindful of the less-than-spring-like weather, of course.
Biker jackets are perfect for the start of the spring season – and possibly even throughout spring/summer here in Ireland when the weather seldom reaches Mediterranean temperatures – and best of all, there are so many exciting ways to style them. From fun and feminine to casual and grungy, biker jackets are a staple in every single wardrobe, as they can be worn for all occasions, while also being perfect for both day and night ensembles too. They really are one of the most versatile pieces of outerwear, and we are confident that they will never, ever go out of style!
Take a look at five of our favourite ways to style a biker jacket for all occasions…

Feminine Juxtaposition

We love juxtaposition in fashion, which is why we are huge fans of using a biker jacket to add some edge to an otherwise sugar-sweet ensemble. For the start of spring when the weather is still very cold, mix super-feminine pieces such as long flowy maxi skirts with tougher, edgier pieces like biker jackets and biker boots (although any ankle boot will do!) for the best mixed-and-matched look! And add a chunky winter scarf in a light and spring-ready colour for a much-needed change from the darker colours you would have been wearing over the winter.
How To Make A Leather Jacket Feminine
You don't have to wear a flowy skirt to give off ultra-feminine vibes though, especially for more formal occasions. And the trick is to change up the accessories! Team your favourite fitted pair of trousers with some leg-elongating stiletto pumps for date night or cocktails with the girls, and choose glamorous accessories such as a feminine clutch bag and delicate jewellery. Go one step further and wear an elegant shirt or blouse in a feminine print or colour combination.  


As much as it pains us to admit it, we've accepted that we don’t get the scorching hot summer we dream of here in Ireland. Unless we hop on a plane and jet off to sunnier climates, we don’t get a huge chance to wear our favourite spring/summer pieces for as many days as we would like. At least not without additional layers; but that is where the biker jacket steps in to save the day!
How To Wear a Leather Jacket With A Dress
Adding a biker jacket to an otherwise predominantly spring/summer ready ensemble such as a fun, bright, feminine summer maxi dress means we can comfortably wear it even when the weather has other ideas. Team with sliders for a casual daytime look, or swap the sliders for wedges for slightly fancier occasions. For summer evenings, choose a maxi dress in a darker colour or print (a long-sleeved animal print dress is a great example!) and fight off the summer breeze by draping a biker jacket over your shoulders.

Wrap Up To Keep Out The Chill

For the start of spring, we would stick to a predominantly winter wardrobe which consists of casual jeans and an oversized, chunky knit underneath a biker jacket to ensure we stay as warm as possible when transitioning from a traditional thick winter coat. 
How To Be Warm With A Leather Jacket
Layering is going to be key here, so add big winter scarves, and perhaps even a knitted hat to keep warm and toasty. These accessories can be swapped out for lighter pieces, such as a lighter scarf and a different choice of hat like a Fedora when it gets a little warmer. Having more than one biker jacket for different times of the year is a great tip to ensure you stay warm and stylish at the same time, as you can buy a jacket in one size bigger than your usual size to accommodate the extra bulkier layers underneath during the colder months, and the tighter, more fitted ones can be brought out when it gets warmer. There are so many different biker jackets out there at the moment, so there will be no shortage of options! 
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Embrace Those Spring Colours

As per our previous blog, swapping winter staples in dark colours for staples in lighter colour palettes is a great trick for getting into the spirit of the new spring season without sacrificing warmth. And the same goes for biker jackets!
How To Wear A Leather Jacket In The Summer
Biker jackets come in SO many other colours than black! As well as coming in an equally chic and wintery brown shade, coloured biker jackets in everything from blue to yellow to red and even pretty pastel colours such as pink and turquoise are hugely en-vogue right now; and they’re not going anywhere any time soon! Team a coloured biker jacket with an all-black or monochrome ensemble to add a much-needed pop of colour, or embrace the colours and match the shade of your jacket to the rest of your outfit. And colour clashing and colour blocking both get extra points too. A pink outfit with an orange jacket, perhaps? We love to see it! 

Biker Chick

Why not go all-out and embrace the biker chick aesthetic to its fullest? For casual daytime activities, a pair of skinny jeans, faux leather trousers or leggings, or even ripped jeans if you want to go one step further, work great with a sleek black biker jacket. Team with biker boots (obviously!) or suede ankle boots or sneakers if you don’t want to commit to a full biker look! The best thing is that there is no wrong way to wear a biker jacket!  
How To Wear A Leather Jacket In The Evening
In the evening, perhaps when a chic and fitted blazer might have been on the sartorial menu, team a biker jacket with an LBD or black leather mini skirt and sky-high stilettos instead, for an edgier alternative to a traditional evening wear look.