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Why A White Blouse Is Always A Winner For Effortless Styling

by Emma L on Mar 11, 2022

Why A White Blouse Is Always A Winner For Effortless Styling

24 Ways To Wear A White Blouse – And Why A White Blouse Is Always A Winner For Effortless Styling

When it comes to wardrobe staples, we don’t think anything can beat a white blouse. Not just something to pair with your favourite office attire (although it's a classic workwear staple for a reason) a white blouse is actually one of the most hardworking, versatile pieces we can own. It can be dressed up – not just for the office, but for much more fun and glamorous occasions too – and dressed down with ease, and there are hundreds if not thousands of different ways to wear one.

A white blouse is perfect if you want to achieve an effortless smart casual look. It can be used alongside some sky-scraping heels and powerful jewellery to instantly elevate some casual skinny jeans or even leggings, and it can also be used underneath or even on top of some summer favourites such as slip dresses or maxi dresses to allow you to wear your summer pieces all through the seasons. And speaking of seasons – a white blouse really is trans-seasonal, as it can be worn every single month of the year, and year after year, regardless of what the designers debut on the runways every season. A white blouse never goes out of style!

Not all white blouses are created equal, though. Some are crisper and sharper than others, while others feature delicate and intricate detailing and are stars of the show in their own right. Some can be worn oversized while others need a much closer fit. We love experimenting with white blouses, and want to show you some of our current favourite ways to wear them…

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Garcia White Blouse with Decorative Pattern

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

The Vicky - White Blouse with Embroidery Pattern


How To Style A White Blouse

1. Wear with your favourite smart suit for year-round styling.

Because a white shirt is trans-seasonal and will never go out of style, it really is the perfect and most versatile piece to add to your wardrobe and to wear with your smartest skirt suits and trouser suits, in ANY colour combination! But there are so many other ways to wear a white blouse too…

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Access Fashion Woman's Pink Suit Jacket

2. Tuck into a leather mini or midi skirt (or even some leather trousers) to smarten up a tough and edgy look.

The best of both worlds!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Garcia Chocolate Faux Leather Trousers

3.  Layer over a slip dress.

Perfect for this time of year when the weather is a little unpredictable. Or even in the summer (because Ireland weather doesn't give us many days to wear a slip dress without anything on top) in place of a cardigan or blazer.

4. Pair with a printed midi skirt; animal print or floral print perhaps?

Let the skirt be the hero piece and command the attention while the white blouse acts as the perfect accompaniment.

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Garcia Burnt Ochre Skirt

5.  Wear with a tight-fitted open blazer but keep the rest of the look casual.

This is a great smart/casual styling tip. Try wearing a blouse and a sharp blazer on the top teamed with some skinny jeans (dare we even suggest some ripped jeans or comfier mom jeans as alternatives?) and sneakers for a real mixed and matched look!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Access Fashion Tailored Coral Red Blazer

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Blue skinny push-up jeans

6. Tie at the front.

Make your own cropped top and leave some of the buttons undone so you can tie it up either at the front, side, or back. The choice is yours!

7. As a makeshift beach or pool coverup!

Wear last night's white shirt as a cover up. Add over a swimsuit to wear in place of a beach cover up. Perfect if you're going on a short break or business trip away and only packing hand luggage and you need all the space you can get!

8. With dungarees!

Elevate a pair of dungarees by swapping a T-shirt or casual long-sleeved top with a chic white blouse

9. Wear with a bright coloured or bold patterned scarf for an instant makeover!

Adding a fun scarf to an existing monochrome outfit will instantly add a much-needed splash of colour and transform the whole look!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Garcia Animal Print Scarf

10. Wear unbuttoned over a simple pair of jeans and vest top.

A great smart/casual alternative to a cardigan or blazer when the weather isn’t too cold. Although of course you can finish the look off with your favourite winter coat or leather jacket!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Garcia Light Green Biker Jacket

11. Wear underneath your favourite cosy winter jumper.

A great tip for those colder months when you want to be smart but not compromise on warmth. Choose a white blouse with a sharp and stiff collar so it sticks out of the jumper and makes a statement!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

White High Collar Garcia Sweater

12. Wear underneath a sweater vest or waistcoat for perfect layering!

Sweater vests are so en-vogue right now, and wearing one over a white blouse is one of our favourite and innovative ways to layer. A waistcoat is another road to go down if you wanted something a little smarter.

13. Team with cycling shorts.

Akin to many other sporting clothes and types of athleisure, cycling shorts have taken the fashion world by storm. Although they are popular with younger fashionistas when worn with things like cropped tops, they absolutely can be worn by all ages too. And wearing a white shirt over them, complete with a waist cinching belt and all the right accessories, is a great way to interpret the trend!

14. Wear over leggings.

Leggings, i.e., the most comfortable things we can ever wear on the bottom – can be instantly smartened up by wearing an oversized white blouse on top, with the waist cinched in with a wide belt. Alternatively, leather leggings or leggings that are a thicker material and therefore won't be see-through can also accommodate a shorter and tighter-fitting white blouse too.

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

The Cat Leggings

15. 'French tuck' into everything from skirts to smart wide legged trousers to skinny jeans.

The French tuck (whereby the front of a blouse, in this instance, is tucked in at the front and the back is left hanging loose) is the most classic and the most figure-flattering hack that balances the proportions of the outfit and defines the silhouette at the same time. This isn’t the only way to tuck a blouse in though; one side can be tucked in while the other side is left hanging out (perfect for a more casual vibe) or you can try tucking in a blouse and then untucking both sides for a looser silhouette.


What Underwear Do You Wear With A White Blouse?

16. Wear a skin-coloured bra!

A common mistake people make is wearing a white bra underneath a white blouse or a white shirt. A flesh-coloured bra will ensure that your bra won't show underneath the blouse. A good test is to take pictures with the flash on and also stand outside in the sun to double check that your underwear can't be seen underneath.

17. Don't go for a lace or patterned bra.

To further ensure that your bra will go undetected, avoid prints and patterns, and also avoid bras with intricate detailing such as lace, as this could show through a white blouse, especially if the blouse is on the more fitted side.

18. Wear a black bra to channel Carrie Bradshaw!

A Sex and the City approved way to wear a white blouse is to wear it with a black bra showing underneath; the more visible the bra, the better! Would you be bold enough to try it?


How Do You Accessorise A White Blouse?

19. White accessories such as white handbags and white shoes are great options for a sleek and streamlined look, especially in the spring/summer when you want to make the most of a lighter colour palette. Pastel hues also work perfectly too!

20. Black accessories also work great with a white shirt, especially if you're going for a monochrome vibe. A white shirt with black trousers and a black bag is the epitome of chicness!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

Shona Easton Black Leather Shoulder Bag


What Jewellery Do You Wear With A Whit Blouse?

21. All colours and metals will go with a white blouse. Gold (including rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold) to silver and bronze, there is no wrong metal to wear with a white blouse.

22. Wear shorter necklaces that can be tucked underneath the collar of the white blouse for a more glamorous and formal aesthetic.

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

T-bar Crystal Heart Gold Necklace

23. Longer necklaces and pendants also work well with white blouses (and we love the idea of layering different length necklaces too!) for a more smart/casual and playful vibe.

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

IOAKU Green Iconic Zen Necklace

24. Forgo the necklace if you're wearing a more intricate white blouse such as a pussybow white blouse and make the look all about the earrings. A statement pair of earrings (extra points if they have a matching bracelet or ring) would complement a white blouse perfectly!

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

IOAKU Silver Kai Earrings

fashion for women over 30 Ireland

IOAKU Elipse Earrings Gold White