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These Are The Only Essentials You Need To Pack For Your Summer Holiday!

by Emma L on Mar 24, 2022

These Are The Only Essentials You Need To Pack For Your Summer Holiday!


Travel restrictions have finally been lifted, and we know we aren’t the only ones looking forward to jetting off to sunnier climes for some much-needed Vitamin D! (And did someone say poolside Pina Colada?)

How To Pack Light

So many of us are guilty of over-packing – yet still sometimes proclaiming that we have 'nothing to wear' once we get to our destination – and returning home with a suitcase full of unworn pieces. No one needs that much extra laundry to deal with when they come home from a relaxing week away, which is why it's important to only pack the essentials.

We love building and curating our capsule wardrobes and filling them with hard-working pieces that we can wear again and again, for a multitude of occasions. And there's no reason our holiday suitcases can't be the same! We've compiled a list of holiday essentials that will guarantee you will never be left with 'nothing to wear' and will still have plenty of room in your suitcase for souvenirs on your way home.

Pack light, make the most of every single piece in your suitcase, and pack versatile, hard-working pieces that can effortlessly take you from day to night with just one or two minor but important adjustments.

What To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

1. Your favourite, versatile, goes-with-everything jeans. The pair you feel most comfortable yet most powerful in! The skinniest jeans might not be the best option for super-hot climates though, so bear this in mind when making your selection.

Luisa Straight Jeans 

2. A white pair of trousers. It's summer after all, and you'll want to keep the colour palette light and breezy!

white denim Ireland

Off White Capri Denims 

3. A wide-legged pair of smart trousers for smarter occasions

pink tailored trousers Ireland

Access Fashion Pink Tailored Trousers

4. A fun and feminine maxi dress that can be worn with sandals or sneakers in the day, and dressed up with heels, a waist-cinching belt, and jewellery in the evening.

pink long sleeveless summer dress Ireland

MSCH Pink Sleeveless Dress

elasticated belt Ireland

Elasticated Belt 

5. A midi skirt that can be dressed down for the day with a simple tee and flats and elevated in the evening with a blouse, heels, and jewellery.

midi summer skirt

Garcia Burnt Ochre Skirt 

black pleated midi skirt

MSCH Black Midi Pleated Skirt

6. A white blouse – which as we already know, is an all-year-round and all-occasion staple

white blouse with embroidery pattern

White Blouse with Embroidery Pattern

7. A white tee that can be worn on more casual occasions and accessorised with a scarf and jewellery in the evening. Add a T-shirt in another neutral and versatile colour for one more option.

MSCH white short-sleeved top

MSCH White Top

white dotted scarf

MSCH White Scarf 

8. A few (five max!) of your favourite light and floaty blouses (stick to light and breathable materials such as cotton and linen as these work best in hot temperatures) which are smart yet lightweight enough to keep you feeling cool and looking chic. Pick a few different styles and colourways for maximum versatility.

red blouse with white floral print

Garcia Red Blouse with White Floral Print

9. Comfy sneakers. Consider wearing these to and from the airport to save room in your luggage. These are better options to sandals if you have any long walking trips, even in hotter climates, as your feet are more likely to swell and get blisters in sandals, which NO ONE wants!

10. One pair of flip flops or sliders for the beach or pool.

11. One pair of versatile sandals for all daytime activities. We recommend packing ones you already love to make sure they're comfortable, or if you want to wear some brand new ones, we suggest wearing them a few times before the holiday starts to wear them in and make sure they’re as comfortable as possible.

12. A pair of wedges for smart/casual affairs and when you won't be doing a lot of walking

13. A pair of shorts that can be worn in the day over swimwear or with a tank top, but also dressed up at night with a belt, heels, and a smarter top.

blue denim shorts Ireland

Garcia Blue Denim Shorts

brown leather belt with buckle

Brown Leather Belt with Buckle

14. A neutral tank top to wear with shorts or a skirt for a more dressed-down aesthetic.

15. A kimono or kaftan for wearing over your swimsuit.

16. One pair of sunglasses that go with everything and block out the sun! If you forget to pack them, we recommend grabbing a pair at the airport, as cheap sunglasses might not have the same level of sun protection.

17. A wide-brimmed sun hat. We recommend tying this to your hand luggage or simply wearing it on the plane (you won't get funny looks because we guarantee you won't be the only person doing this!) to save room and avoid damage to its shape.

18. SPACE SAVING HACK: A big bag for daytime activities – big enough to carry essentials in without weighing you down. We recommend using this bag to travel in and packing the smaller bag inside it. Pack your jewellery and other small, fragile, or too-important-to-be-checked-in pieces such as your passport and travel wallet inside the smaller bag, so it doubles up as a jewellery bag. black leather shoulder bag Ireland

Shona Easton Black Leather Shoulder Bag

rose braided clutch bag

Rose Braided Clutch Bag

Black Leather Travel Wallet Ireland

Shona Easton Black Leather Travel Wallet

19. Pick your airport outfit wisely, and wear a jacket you'll want to wear on holiday on the plane to save space in your suitcase. A biker jacket in a versatile colour to wear on the plane with a cardigan underneath are perfect, as they'll keep you warm on the plane and will serve as good options to wear over your summer pieces if it gets a little chilly at night. Or if the AC is turned up a little too high, which we have experienced on more than one occasion!

green leather biker jacket

Garcia Green Biker Jacket

peach pink knitted cardigan

Garcia Peach Pink Knitted Cardigan

tan knitted cardigan Ireland

Garcia Tan Knitted Cardigan

20. A scarf that can be worn to cover up in the evening , and also at the pool. It can also be tied into a top for yet another day to evening option!

21. One – yes, one – bag that can be worn in the evening. A clutch or a crossbody bag that could also be used in the daytime are the best options. We recommend a neutral colour that will go with everything.

22. One pair of heels for the fanciest occasions. If you're going on holiday for a wedding or another event, consider packing a versatile colour that can also be paired with other outfits.

Now that you've packed all of the essentials we've listed above, you might be wondering how you’re going to wear them…

What to wear in the daytime on holiday

  • When you're not at the pool or beach, stick to light summer dresses that you feel comfortable in. Bonus points if they can also double up as evening dresses, which is a big plus if you're out all day and won't get the chance to go back to the hotel and change outfits.
  • Consider getting longer dresses tailored beforehand so you don't have to rely on heels or wedges if you have a long day of exploring ahead of you
  • Pack a scarf in your bag just in case you need to cover up a spill (accidents happen!) or to wrap up in.
  • Take a relatively large bag to pack water, sun cream, snacks, your sunglasses case just in case it gets dark by the time you return home, and even a scarf or cardigan just in case it gets a bit windy

What to wear at the pool or beach

  • Don’t be tempted to pack lots of different swimwear for "variety" and because they don't take up as much room as other pieces. Instead, choose a few stand-out pieces in different prints or colours to mix things up.
  • A one-piece swimsuit (these are the most figure-flattering, especially if they come with hidden tummy-tucking support, which would come in handy following the all-inclusive breakfast buffet). They can even double up as bodysuits to wear underneath skirts or trousers. It's all about getting the most out of every single piece!
  • A strapless bikini for no tan lines
  • An underwire bikini top for maximum support and comfort
  • A loose coverup for going from sun-lounger to pool bar
  • A wide-brimmed hat to keep the harsh rays away, and also for added style prowess. Why not?!
  • Your favourite pair of sunglasses to wear everyday

What to wear in the evening on holiday

  • Don't be tempted to pack separate outfits for the evening, and instead, focus on different ways to elevate your existing daytime pieces.
  • Change up your footwear and accessories and add some jewellery for an instant day-to-night look.

gold necklace with stones

IOAKU Gold Necklace 

swarovski gold ring

Swarovksi Gold Ring